Client Success Story
542% Increase in Sales & 20% Decrease in ACoS
Written by Aaron Moreno on Sep. 16th 2019
Below are the year-over-year results from one of our client’s product lines.

• Their peak sales months are from May to July.
• We began working with them in late 2017.
• Target ACoS = 45%

2017 (Before working with us)
Sales: $10,400
56% ACoS

2018 (1 year after working with us)
Sales: $42,665
37% ACoS

2019 (2 years after working with us)
Sales: $65,966
36% ACoS

That’s a 534% increase in sales and a 20% decrease in ACoS after two years of working together!

These were the results from just one product line in their portfolio.

How we do this:
• Identify and target new keyword opportunities on a routine basis like a hawk hunts its prey 🦅🦅🦅

• Keep a pulse on performance down to the targeting-level to make every keyword as profitable as possible 🔍🔍🔍

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Aaron Moreno

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