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 Client Case Studies

Category: Electronics Accessories


PPC Sales: $71,100 / month 

ACoS: 25%


PPC Sales: $264,051 / month 

ACoS: 22%

Sales Increased: 271%

ACoS Decreased: 3%

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Category: Home & Kitchen


PPC Sales: $76,655 / month 

ACoS: 29%


PPC Sales: $275,505 / month 

ACoS: 33%

Sales Increased: 259%

ACoS Increased: 4%

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Category: Beauty


PPC Sales: $34,921 / month 

ACoS: 36%


PPC Sales: $69,145 / month 

ACoS: 32%

Sales Increased: 98%

ACoS Decreased: 4%

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