Client Success Story
Profitable Launch Using Only PPC
Written by Aaron Moreno on Sep. 18th 2019
Here are the 6 things we did...

Note: ACoS Target = 30%

• Created four separate auto campaigns, each of which solely targeted one of the four new auto targeting types (close match, loose match, compliments and substitutes).

• Created manual campaigns using successful PPC keywords from somewhat relevant products.

• Created manual campaigns using new keyword research relevant to the new product.

• Continuously scanned the Search Term Report for any new keyword opportunities that were generated from auto, broad and phrase match campaigns.

• Kept a pulse on performance down to the keyword-level in order to optimize bids as quickly as possible.

• Throttled campaign budgets until we optimized the bids within them - then we scaled budgets accordingly as soon as they became profitable.

If you want to work with someone that knows how to maximize profitability then let's have a quick chat to see if we can help:

Aaron Moreno

Aaron Moreno helps private label amazon sellers profit wildly through Amazon PPC. He is an expert at helping Amazon Sellers gain choke holds in their respective niches on Amazon using his do-it-for-you PPC management service. If you're interested in growing sales and profitability on Amazon then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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