Client Success Story
From $0 to $15K in 13 days at below BeACoS 🎯
Written by Aaron Moreno on Aug. 12th 2019
Client was launching a brand new Parent ASIN in a competitive niche. 

What we did:
Using PPC data that we already gathered from similar yet different products in their account, we created PPC campaigns that contained keywords that we knew would perform well, based off of how they performed on their other products. Not only did we know which keywords & match types to target but we also knew the specific Max Bids needed hit the ground running!

Using this tactic, along with a handful of other keyword research methods, we launched with a bang, as seen from the graph above. 

Each day we made bid optimizations based off of the trending performance in order cut was wasn't working and double down on what was working. 

Within 13 days after launching their product we were generated over $15,000 in PPC sales at a 27% ACoS, which was well below their BeACoS (Break Even Advertising Cost of Sale). 

Client feedback:
"...the (product) is pretty impressive I think it's kind of a case study to discuss. Very, very strong launch I think a lot of it as I mentioned is thanks to the PPC strategy that you put together."

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