Are you over-optimizing your PPC? 📈📉
Written by Aaron Moreno on Sep. 13th 2019
Most 7 to 9-figure Amazon Sellers are targeting thousands of PPC keywords at any given time. With this type of volume it's essential to have a bid management system to keep them profitable.

However we've noticed a simple yet huge mistake that may be costing you thousands of profitable dollars per month.

Have you ever noticed sales decline over time while ACoS seemed to remain steady? This may be because at some point in time you (or your bid management system) lowered bids for unprofitable keywords - even if those keywords performed well in the past. This may have been due to increased competition during Prime Day, a decrease in your listing page conversion rate, etc.

We developed the following procedure to “revive" those keywords in a systematic and scalable way. Essentially, we find all keywords that used to perform well but are now no longer performing due to bids being too low. We then boost those keywords so they begin performing again.

We tested this on the following account and have been able to generate an incremental $10K at their 40% ACoS target.

Here’s a simplified version of our system of procedure:

• Download the bulk operation file using the furthest date range possible.

• Filter Record Type column for Keywords

• Filter ACoS column for those that meet or beat your ACoS target

• Filter Keywords for those who have a Max Bid lower than its Cost-Per-Click

• Increase the Max Bid by 20-50%

• Copy and paste these Keywords, Match Types and New Bids into a new Manual Campaign using a Fixed bids campaign strategy

• Let your bid management system optimize the bids so the campaigns become profitable then scale budgets

• Wait 1-2 weeks then increase bids again for any keywords that are still not performing.

• Repeat this process every 1-3 months

This is just one of the systems we use to help Amazon Sellers scale sales and profitability with our do-it-for-you management service!

Aaron Moreno

Aaron Moreno helps private label amazon sellers profit wildly through Amazon PPC. He is an expert at helping Amazon Sellers gain choke holds in their respective niches on Amazon using his do-it-for-you PPC management service. If you're interested in growing sales and profitability on Amazon then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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